Maven settings for deployment using scp

Create a file settings.xml in ~/.m2 that’s C:Documents and Settingsiwright.m2 in my case using cygwin on XP Create a server entry with the necessary info e.g. if using ssh<servers> <server> <id>cggh</id> <username>iwright</username> <privateKey>C:Documents and Settingsiwright.sshid_rsa</privateKey> <passphrase>mypassphrase</passphrase> <directoryPermissions>775</directoryPermissions> <filePermissions>664</filePermissions> </server> </servers> Note that if you are using cygwin then you will probably need to copy your […]

Using Roo on an existing database

Creating a web application to update an existing database with Roo is extremely simple… project –topLevelPackage org.cggh.quac –projectName quac –java 6persistence setup –provider HIBERNATE –database MYSQL –databaseName drupal_users –userName drupal6 –password drupal6database introspect –schema drupal_usersdatabase reverse engineer –package ~.model –schema drupal_userscontroller all –package ~.web Some notes:Make sure that the database has foreign keys set upIf […]