CMIS using perl

I’ve had a requirement to get some document details out of Alfresco using perl.

CMIS seems to be the obvious answer and a little bit of googling gives us the WebService::Cmis package.

This seems to do the job nicely but the documentation isn’t great (hint: use the pod) so here is a trival example to recurse through a folder and print out the details of the contents.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Data::Dumper;
use WebService::Cmis;
use Cache::FileCache;

print "Content-type:text/htmlrnrn";

my $client = WebService::Cmis::getClient(
url => "https://myhost/alfresco/cmisatom",
user => '',
password => "",
cache => new Cache::FileCache({
cache_root => "/tmp/cmis_client"

my $repo = $client->getRepository;
# print Dumper($repo);

my $projectFolder = "/Sites/mySite/documentLibrary/myFolder";

my $folder = $repo->getObjectByPath($projectFolder);
# print Dumper($folder);



sub showFolderDetails {
 my $fold = shift;
 print "<h2>".$fold->getTitle()."</h2>n";
# my $props = $fold->getProperties;
#print Dumper($props);

sub showDocumentDetails {
 my $doc = shift;
# print Dumper($doc);
 my $props = $doc->getProperties;
 if ($props->{'cmis:isLatestVersion'}->getValue eq 1) {
  #Show mail messages
  if (defined $props->{'imap:messageFrom'}) {
   print $props->{'imap:messageFrom'}->getValue;
   print $props->{'imap:messageTo'}->getValue;
   print $props->{'imap:messageSubject'}->getValue;
   print $props->{'imap:flagAnswered'}->getValue;
  } else {
   print $doc->getTitle()."n";
# print Dumper($props);

sub showFolderContents {
 my $fold = shift;

 my $projects = $fold->getChildren();
 while (($entry = $projects->getNext())){

   if ($entry->isa("WebService::Cmis::Folder")) {
   } else {


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