Getting Started with microk8s – using Activiti Cloud

This blog post builds on: There’s also more, if slightly outdated, here: The main focus of this post is more about making it work with work than it is to do with Activiti This is based on Ubuntu 18.04 Before starting it’s a good idea to configure your firewall – see for […]


After my last post I thought I ought to write something about Single Sign On (SSO) – this post will cover a bit more than just SSO. I’ve done a lot of work with SSO but it’s one of those things you only visit periodically so it’s easy to forget things – also it’s harder […]

Simple Kibana monitoring (for Alfresco)

This post is inspired by and there’s a lot of useful info in there. The aim of this post is to allow you to quickly get up and running and monitoring your logs. I’m using puppet to install, even though we don’t have a puppet master, as there are modules provided by Elastic Search […]

Puppet – the very basics

Installing puppet apt-get -y install ntp dpkg -i puppetlabs-release-pc1-xenial.deb gpg –keyserver –recv-key 7F438280EF8D349F apt-get update Puppet agent apt-get install puppet-agent Edit /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/puppet.conf to add the [master] section puppet agent -t -d Note this does apply the changes! Then you can start the puppet service export PATH=$PATH:/opt/puppetlabs/bin Puppet server apt-get install puppetserver You will probably […]

Upgrade time?

Inspired by conversations I had at the Alfresco BeeCon I’ve decided to put down some of my thoughts and experiences about going through the upgrade cycle. It can be a significant amount of work to do an upgrade, even if you have little or no customization, as you need to check that none of the […]

OpenLDAP – some installation tips

These are some tips for installing OpenLDAP – you can get away without these but it’s useful stuff to know. This relates to Ubuntu 14.04. Database configuration It’s a good idea to configure your database otherwise it, especially the log files, can grow significantly over time if you’re running a lot of operations. dn: olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config […]