Rookie python

When running in a virtualenv don’t forget to source bin/activate Install packages using pip e.g. pip install beautifulsoup4 Create a REQUIREMENTS file using pip freeze and load using pip install -r REQUIREMENTS Creating a module you need in the directory in order to import successfully otherwise you’ll get AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute […]

Some maven thoughts

Some random observations about using maven Checking dependencies mvn versions:display-dependency-updates mvn versions:display-plugin-updates Release With github Use at least mvn 3.0.4 and release plugin 2.3.2 otherwise it hangs/takes a long time to return apparently after doing git push (it may still work) When you want to release but don’t want to deploy to a repo One […]

Spring Roo ConverterNotFound

In webmvc-config.xml look for <bean class=”org.wwarn.cb.web.ApplicationConversionServiceFactoryBean” id=”applicationConversionService”/> This will give you the name of the class to edit so go and find that class and add the following code: Note that the installFormatters method is deprecated in 3.1 but as that is what Roo is currently generating I’m leaving it alone public Converter getStudyConverter() { […]